There are a number of benefits of working online with a hypnotherapist

Now that Broadband is widely available and providing internet access to almost everywhere online hypnotherapy is now at the touch of a button. This facility offers unmatchable and unparalleled benefits for the people who need this service irrespective of their location and distance from the service provider. It is clear that more and more people are asking for online hypnotherapy; so, what are the benefits of online hypnotherapy?

The Benefits of Online Therapy

  • Online therapy is a secure, safe and comfortable environment
  • A good internet connection, a pair of earphones, comfortable seating or somewhere to lay down in a private room will be needed for the duration of the therapy
  • If, at that beginning of your therapy you are feeling too anxious to consider leaving your home; online therapy may be the first step in your recovery
  • Choosing online therapy doesn’t need to you to spend additional money on travel to and from your therapist’s place of work; and it is easier to fit into your schedule
  • Online therapy allows you stay home in the winter months, in the warm
  • Online therapy, if appropriate, will allow you to work with your therapist from your office
  • Online therapy platforms available free of charge: Skype, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp or phone All platforms are equally effective.
  • Online therapy allows you join the therapist at the same time and date.
  • Online Therapy allows the therapist to share files, view documents and also use a white board.
  • Online Therapy can guarantee the same confidentiality that face-to-face hypnosis therapy offers

So, what is not to like?

The effectiveness of Online

A common concern raised is about the effectiveness of the therapy – do you still get the same positive results as you do from face-to face hypnotherapy.

There is no difference between the effectiveness of face-to-face therapy and online. Both bring about the desired outcomes. In fact, you may feel more relaxed and less inhibited working in the comfort of your own home which will increase your openness and sincerity when talking with your therapist. This can only have a positive effect on the outcome of your therapy.

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